Welcome to New Covenant ARP Church

We care about our community. We pray that we will be used by God to be a blessing to the Plaza-Shamrock Neighborhood and even to the greater Charlotte area through our involvement with our sister churches in the ARP.  We would love to hear your thoughts, regarding how we might better minister to this city.  The Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, said it well – “Seek the welfare of the city…for in its welfare you will find your welfare” (Jer. 29:7).

We warmly welcome newcomers. As Jesus Christ has welcomed us, we hope to welcome you (Rom. 15:7). Sunday morning worship begins at 11:00 AM.  We have long history of welcoming anyone who would come to us; but for most of our history we failed to do outreach and evangelism. On account of that our church almost died.  We praise God that we are now committed to reaching out to our community.




We care about one another.  We enjoy lunch together after worship every Sunday.

We preach Christ. We are committed to verse by verse, Christ-centered, Bible preaching. Our preaching, teaching and worship are rooted in the gospel  – the Good News.



What is the Good News?  In the cross event, God the Father punished His Son, Jesus, for all the sins of all believers of all time. Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead on our behalf.  Jesus, in the cross event, having secured the salvation of all believers of all time, ascended to the throne of heaven, where He sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty and rules over all (Matt. 28:18). We, who believe, have received the indwelling Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sin, adoption into God’s household, and eternal life – which no one can take away.  Physically, we are all related to one another as descendants of Adam and Eve. Spiritually, we are related to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ – if we believe.   All in Adam die. All who are in Christ are made alive.  Adam is the representative head of your physical birth. You are “in Adam” whether you like it or not. Jesus is the representative head of your spiritual birth, if you have believed. If you have not believed in Jesus, you are simply in Adam – judgment and hell await those who do not believe.  Everyone is born of the flesh; but not everyone is born of the Spirit. Jesus says, “You must be born again.”  Please read John chapter 3 and Romans chapter 5.

We teach the Bible. We have Sunday school classes for adults and for children. These begin at 10:00 AM each Sunday. The adult class is going through the Westminster Confession of Faith, which is a summary of Biblical teaching on the most important subjects in the Bible, e.g., the nature of Scripture itself, the Trinity, God’s providence, salvation doctrine, etc.  These classes are taught by the Pastor and by four seminary interns. Those interns are currently enrolled at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS).  We hare currently using age-appropriate materials from Great Commission Publication for four age-groups of children.   The Lord has blessed us with children from the neighborhood and with godly women who love to teach them.

We train future minsters. We train them by giving them opportunities to use their God-given gifts in various aspects of ministry. Small churches like ours are excellent places for interns to develop their ministerial heart and skills. Our four interns from R T S help in all aspects of our worship, outreach, and service to the community. Through this, their gifts and calling are tested and strengthened. We want to help other pastoral interns as well; so we created an ARP interns website. (Click on that link to to see website pictured below)

We are a Presbyterian Church in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian denomination. The ARP outreach agency (ONA), First Presbytery’s Church Extension Committee, various churches and individuals have given us great support in our mission “to minster to and with” (quote from Ken Priddy) our inner-city neighborhood. Please click on those blue words, if you would like to find out more about our denomination.

For more information about us please click on the word “About” at the right-hand end of the various page options, which are found toward the very top of each webpage.